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Australian Team Series - Book 1

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TEAM MATES  is told through the iridescent blue eyes of Jerome Kremers as he tries to bring his physical prowess and emotional intelligence into equilibrium. Everyone brands him superbly masculine and blissfully pretty, yet he’s simply not considered a great footballer. But then, having been forged by the world of high-performance sport, the Dutch-born, Australian-made Kremers unexpectedly graduates to being a formidable team leader. Bang. He skips great and goes from good to legendary. He bulks up, smartens up, and mans up.


The inspiration for change comes not from his coach or teammates, but from the captivating surf life saving champion Chelsea Leigh, who has an innate knack for unnerving the intense performer. Now, everyone seems to want a piece of the superbly built leader, except the sensual woman who inspired him in the first place. Even as Jerome’s sporting career takes flight, the erotic pull of his equally fit sparring partner steals the focus.


Come and grow with four tight-knit male footballers as they work tirelessly to stick to the rules on the field while making and breaking their unique game plan off of it.



Australian Team Series - Book 2

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Six-foot Australian ironwoman Chelsea Leigh can hold the country in a full press way above her head. Sporting a high IQ and a steely work ethic, she’s been raised by male lifesavers whose lives are girt by Australia’s glorious seas.

Now Jerome Kremers, a titan of Australian sport, wants to win her undying love as much as he wants to win the premiership. And he’ll use all his impressive might to do it. The ironclad tower of athletic muscle is an explosive, formidable opponent. Victory is everything to him, and he’ll fight through every challenge to achieve it, annihilating the line between success and self-destruction.

TEAM PURSUIT’s grubby game plan combines intense sport, tonnes of personal turmoil, monstrous serves of physical attraction, sweaty and authentic Australian settings, and in-the-trenches mateship.

TEAM PURSUIT is the second book in the edgy and contemporary Australian Team Series by real sportsperson Sally Carbon, which started with TEAM MATES. Here, she pushes the boundaries and elevates the superstar female athlete into a mutually supportive role, rarely witnessed in traditional romance storylines. Her unique characters furiously refute judgement from any outside force—but could that prove a flaw? How long can these athletes stay on the right side of wrong?